For many people, how a central heating system works is shrouded in mystery. This system often encounters faults and malfunctions. Things get particularly troublesome during the winter when heat is needed most. A plumber in Sutton-Coldfield frequently receives complaints about issues with central heating, especially during autumn. Even if you put your best effort into maintaining the heating system, it can still develop problems. So, in this article, we will go through some of the prevalent issues and how to fix them.

1. Thermostat Controls Stop Working

If the controls of the thermostat stop working, check whether you’ve actually switched them on. Set it in a suitable temperature range, between 17 to 20 degrees centigrade. Now find out whether the system is getting a proper electricity supply.

If there are no problems on this front, access the motorised diverter valve near the boiler. It regulates the flow of warm water. Turn it off and on to resolve the issue. If nothing helps, your pump may have a mechanical failure or blockage. Turn it off and then check for improvement. Otherwise, call a professional emergency plumber in Sutton-Coldfield to handle the issue.

2. Radiators Are Hot and Cold

Radiators getting hot and cold on different floors indicates an obstruction in the flow of water in your system. When this happens, first check the hot radiators, followed by the cold ones.

Open the valves of the cold radiators if they are closed. If cold radiators happen to be upstairs, it points to low boiler pressure. The solution is to put additional water into the system to normalise pressure.

But if cold radiators are downstairs, the cause is a malfunctioning pump. It requires you to descale the central heating system, which isn’t easy. You can leave it on to emergency plumbers in Tamworth or Sutton-Coldfield to address it.

3. Noise Is Coming From Your Boiler

The strange sound that you hear from your boiler is known as kettling. Homeowners often hear noise when the pilot light burns for the first time. This points to trapped air. Use an air bleed screw to vent excess air.

If you still hear noise, check whether adequate water is getting into the boiler tank. Sometimes, an accumulation of sludge can also lead to this issue. So, flush the system to resolve the problem.

4. Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are common, and you can fix them by tightening the pipe joint. However, ensure not to cause any damage to the joint or the pipe. To prevent damage, make only a quarter turn at a single time while tightening.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, apply some sealant. But this is not a permanent solution. The best approach will be to call a plumber in Sutton-Coldfield to replace the leaky pipe.


Defects in the central heating system, if untreated, can be costly. The cold season demands a hot water supply. So, knowing what you can do to resolve central heating issues quickly is essential. Feel free to contact the technicians at Emergency Plumber Birmingham to get rid of your plumbing issues in the shortest time frame.

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