Plumbing problems, no matter how inconvenient, are a common occurrence. They can happen in the kitchen, bathroom, and any place with a gas or water connection. You cannot predict them, but you can minimize their impact on your property and life by knowing the steps to take when they happen. Fortunately, it’s easy to call an expert emergency plumber in Birmingham to resolve all issues efficiently and promptly.

Here are the 4 most common plumbing emergencies home and business owners experience.

Clogged Toilet

This emergency occurs when you flush something that doesn’t belong in your toilet. Some examples include baby diapers, sanitary products, or excessive toilet paper. If you keep flushing, the content of the toilet will spill out into your bathroom floor.

To fix it, use a plunger and apply firm vertical pressure. If the clog is severe, you’ll need an auger to remove debris blocking the water flow. If you often face clogged toilet emergencies or a plunger or auger cannot fix the issue, consider calling a professional emergency plumber.

Burst Pipes

This occurs due to a substantial increase in the water pressure in the weak joints of the pipe. Did you know a burst pipe can release a considerable amount (up to 100 gallons) of water in just eight hours? The first step to fix this emergency is to turn off the water supply. To prevent it from occurring in the future, ensure not to let your home’s temperature get below freezing.

Clogged Tubs or Sinks

A clogged sink blocks the water flow and becomes a severe plumbing emergency if that is your only sink. The situation also can worsen if things start overflowing and falling on your kitchen floor.

Start by using your fingers to unclog the drain. If that doesn’t help, use a drain snake (auger) or a plunger. Call a professional emergency plumber in Birmingham if none of these techniques works.

NOTE: Do not use a chemical drain. It can potentially damage your pipes.

Water Heater Defects

Your water heater malfunctions when you don’t have adequate hot water or a strange smell comes from the running water. Discoloured water is another indication of a water heater defect.

A faulty water heater may point towards significant leak springs. These cause the water to spill out of the tank. If there are no leaks, flushing the tank will help eliminate colour in running water. But if your water heater leaks, calling an emergency plumber is the best action.

Summing up

There’s no need to panic when a plumbing emergency arises. Take the necessary corrective steps, so you feel confident at the time. If you need help with what to do, contact a 24-hour plumber in Birmingham. The skilled technicians can promptly tackle every emergency using their experience to resolve the issue safely. Let Emergency Plumber Birmingham be your go-to choice for all kinds of emergency services in Birmingham.

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